Around the web: Episode #20

Time flies when you’re having fun. I can’t believe we’re at #20 already.

Let’s begin!

No. 1

With all the serious stuff today, I thought let me begin with something fun.

No. 2

This morning I see the following headline; “Expert: EU has other things to worry about than Google“. It’s been a couple of days with news about the EU going after Google for its dominance in the market. A lot of the articles seem to be written by Americans who seems to take it personally.

Where were these people when the US went after Microsoft for similar reasons?

No. 3

Several posts were published yesterday on a range of topics surrounding developers, creative minds, and their mental state. Some real food for thought here:

There is a community out there for Developers with Anxiety and Depression, have a look at Devpressed.

No. 4

Opera? They still exist?

Yes they do, and they have added a free VPN service in their developer version!

No. 5


Today I am closing off with Johan Kanflo’s AAduino. It’s a really awesome project!


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