Around the web: Episode #10

Look at that, we’re getting into the double digits. I’m keeping it short for today, we’re a little busy right now.

No. 1

Poor ducky…

No. 2

In Episode #3 I mentioned the fleet of trucks driving in Germany. Now a couple of manufacturers have been driving from several of their home countries to the Netherlands. Have a look; “A fleet of trucks just drove themselves across Europe“.

No. 3

Security is much discussed topic on the internet, and a recent study finds it’s going to stay a hot topic for a while; “A Whole Lot of Nitwits Will Plug a Random USB Into Their Computer, Study Finds“. This is my favourite quote:

I trust my macbook to be a good defense against viruses

No. 4

In Episode #5, I touched VERY briefly on Visual C++ for Linux coming to Visual Studio. Now it seems that Scott Hanselman picked up on it too, he goes a little more in detail.

That’s it from me today. I’ll be back tomorrow with more from Around the Internet.


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