Around the web: Episode #7

You thought after that lengthy post I wouldn’t submit my daily post? HA!

As mentioned in my previous post, it was a busy weekend playing around with Xamarin. The world didn’t stop turning though, thankfully it never does. Here are some of the other things around the web that happened:

No. 1

Yes, it’s tradition now, starting with a video:

No. 2

It’s all over the news, but I wasn’t sure how it was leaked, so I had to look it up. The Panama Papers leak was the result of an attack on their mail servers. This weekend, and today the internet is buzzing:

United Kingdom
The Netherlands
United States

No. 3

This is pretty cool, it’s just hilarious how the first thing you think of when you mention GPS is to track destructive weapons. MIT turns Wi-Fi Into Indoor GPS.

Global Positioning System (GPS) satellite technology comes in handy for tracking cruise missiles, doing in-car navigation, and finding secluded restaurants.

No. 4

My got caught by this little post on the ease of installing a GPS network. I always like these kind of posts, it just shows me how awesome and accessible some of the tech in our everyday use is. Not long after that I also stumbled on this little post, aptly titled “How To Build Your Own Rogue GSM BTS For Fun And Profit“.

That’s it for today. Have a great day!


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