Around the web: Episode #22

Welcome back! I hope you had a good weekend, I know mine was good. I’ll be keeping it short for today, and I’ll cluster some of the topics together. Have a good day!

No. 1

From: “This Battery-Free Computer Sucks Power Out Of Thin Air“.

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It’s a little bit of a quiet one today, lots of things to do!


Around the web: Episode #21

This weekend I will be going over some Xamarin things, some more marketing classes, and going through some of the Kotlin Koans. The forecast for the weekend did not look good.

No. 1

Join me this weekend, and let’s learn some programming!

No. 2


Initially I got a little excited seeing this Keyboard Pants, but the longer I think about it, the more I am convinced I don’t need it.

No. 3

Here’s an interview with my fellow countryman and inventor of the Python programming language Guido van Rossum. If you’re up for it this weekend, to seriously look into programming, have a look at Python.

No. 4

Today I’ll close of with some random links from around the web:

No. 5

Okay, okay!!! Here’s one more video:

Tech Tip: #1. Help with Online Marketing

We’re a small company, with a handful of people, creating software for a living. Recently we happily announced the hiring of our first co-conspirator, and it’s giving us some more freedom. As a small business we grab all the help we can get, we’re members with several organisations; Federation of Small Businesses,  Fife Chamber of Commerce, Business Gateway Fife, and others.

These organisations have a range of help for us from holding events about all sorts of topics relevant to new businesses, to networking events, and offering HR services. We can get lots of information from dedicated Business Advisers, who will come to our offices and tell us what we can get access to. However not a lot of them are very tech-savvy, and we quickly find more help online.

One of the things of interest to me right now is marketing, and growing our reach beyond our current existing customer base. As a software company there is not much we cannot build, and no market we can’t service. The question for me then is, how do I reach these people? Fortunately for me, someone reached out to me with help.

An ad on LinkedIn actually got my attention. It was an ad by Google promising to teach me Online Marketing. I clicked on the link. Now, I am a huge fan of my adblocker, and so I rarely click on an ad. This was a bit of a big deal to me. It made me feel grown up, and full of responsibility.

I arrived on the homepage for The Digital Garage, and signed up.

Let’s get this baby started!

1. Brings you here

As I mentioned earlier for me it’s important to concentrate on casting a larger net, so I went with the first option.

2. Skills

The second step is pretty obvious for me as well. We don’t pay anything for ads online right now, and even though I said I use an adblocker, I would still consider looking to put an ad online.

3. Goals.PNG

In step 3 you get to pick your goals, through out the course you’ll notice a trend of establishing goals and their importance. Some of the options I am already familiar with, but it doesn’t hurt to go over them.

5. Topic Library

After confirming my plan has been created I can go and have a look at the topic library. Looks like I will be in for quite the ride!

My Dashboard looks rather empty right now.

6. Dashboard

I pressed the green start button, and I am presented with the first lesson.

8. Lesson 1

It’s a video that’s about 3 minutes long, you can click to read the transcript along with the video. Once you’re done you can take the quiz.

9. Quiz 1

For every question, you get immediate feedback on your results. At the end of the quizzes you get to take a Topic Assessment, this unlocks the next level of topics from your library.

11. Assessment

In the end when you passed the quizzes and the assessment you get a fancy badge on your dashboard, and your next topic will be available from there to you.

13. We passed

YAY! We did it.

Final Thoughts

As you can see it’s an easy to navigate platform with great tips and tricks from the kings of Online Marketing, Google themselves. The videos are well articulated, it helps to be able to read through the transcripts as well, the length of the video is easily digestible. For me as a small business, with not a lot of time on my hand to go to some during the day event where someone will teach this for the entire day, this is the ideal solution. This format I can easily schedule into my busy day, plus if I feel like going through some of the lessons in the evening at home, there is nothing stopping me from accessing it from any internet enabled device.

I’ll give this a go in all seriousness, and hopefully it can help us get bigger and better.

Around the web: Episode #20

Time flies when you’re having fun. I can’t believe we’re at #20 already.

Let’s begin!

No. 1

With all the serious stuff today, I thought let me begin with something fun.

No. 2

This morning I see the following headline; “Expert: EU has other things to worry about than Google“. It’s been a couple of days with news about the EU going after Google for its dominance in the market. A lot of the articles seem to be written by Americans who seems to take it personally.

Where were these people when the US went after Microsoft for similar reasons?

No. 3

Several posts were published yesterday on a range of topics surrounding developers, creative minds, and their mental state. Some real food for thought here:

There is a community out there for Developers with Anxiety and Depression, have a look at Devpressed.

No. 4

Opera? They still exist?

Yes they do, and they have added a free VPN service in their developer version!

No. 5


Today I am closing off with Johan Kanflo’s AAduino. It’s a really awesome project!

Around the web: Episode #19

Please Welcome Andrew Insley, the newest addition to our team: I’m squeezing a small ad in here for Andrew, we’re just really happy he has joined us. It means a lot for us in terms of growth, and for our customers it will mean a lot in terms of the additional services we will be able to offer.

Okay, back to the business at hand!

No. 1

In the past we have seen the wonders of chatbots talking to each other, but this will be quite an interesting chat in the future.

No. 2

The Washington Post reports; “Why Google is warning that ‘’ is ‘partially dangerous’“. To understand how get’s its status, you just have to look at the FAQs on their site.

No. 3

Several sites report that Intel is planning to cut 12,000 jobs in the next 12 months.

No. 4

Another report about the new surveillance bill was published yesterday, this time by ZDNet titled: “UK surveillance bill will force tech companies to disclose new products before they launch“.

Looking at the petitions online to stop such bills, there is honestly not much response to this:

Yes, I have signed multiple petitions, shared them online to encourage others to also sign them.

No. 5

This is a really nice teaser.

Hope you guys have a wonderful morning!

Around the web: Episode #18

Good morning World Wide Web! It’s another wonderful day at GX Consultancy. Someone’s forgotten a password for one of the PCs here running Windows 7. Good thing it’s dual-booting into a Linux distro, so he can “reset” the password.

No. 1

I shared this one at the office, and the general consensus was that it reminded us of the Ubuntu phone OS. It’s been quite a number of years that Canonical announced the feature of docking a phone into a full blown OS. I know we really looked forward to that feature. Continuum is both exciting and scary, seeing what has come of the Ubuntu Touch OS.

No. 2

As I mentioned earlier, we have a big Linux fan in our midst at the office, and I think he will appreciate the following article on building his own router.

The Ars guide to building a Linux router from scratch

No. 3

One of the top stories at the moment; “Bill Gates Calls on the U.S. Government To Invest More in R&D“.

Now, who is standing up for R&D in the UK? I can’t seem to find anyone really, and quite a number of articles point to some mixed feelings about the state of R&D here in the UK:

The last available statistical documentation on the subject by the Office for National Statistics is nearly 2 years old again.

For us as a small company heavily involved in the technology sector, research and development is very important. We get access to grants through the government, which we heard from our business advisor at the Business Gateway.

It’s important I think for small businesses to be aware there is help for them. If you have an idea for something you want to develop find out from your local Business Gateway when you’re in Scotland, or from a Chamber of Commerce, if you can get help.

No. 4

I will finish of with some random links:

Oh, in case after reading the article on the clash between Google and Europe, you feel the need to change your search engine (go to DuckDuckGo):


That’s it for the moment, I’ll be back tomorrow to bring you more from Around the Web!


Around the web: Episode #17

Gooooooooood morning! We would like to welcome our new colleague Andrew Insley. Andrew will be helping us with his knowledge in Operation Management, his lean background, and programming skills.

It seems that today is a video extensive post. Sorry. Not sorry!

No. 1

The first spot goes to the PM of Canada! What a boss.

No. 2

This one goes out to Google for their new video series on Machine Learning.

No. 3

“Gathering requirements is hard” – Remy Porter

No. 4

My minds a little blown looking at this video.

No. 5

I love projects like these, where the device and self assemble into something else altogether.

No. 6

“’60 Minutes’ hacks congressman’s phone for security report”

No. 7

Finally a list of some generic links of some interesting articles I found: