Around the web: Episode #18

Good morning World Wide Web! It’s another wonderful day at GX Consultancy. Someone’s forgotten a password for one of the PCs here running Windows 7. Good thing it’s dual-booting into a Linux distro, so he can “reset” the password.

No. 1

I shared this one at the office, and the general consensus was that it reminded us of the Ubuntu phone OS. It’s been quite a number of years that Canonical announced the feature of docking a phone into a full blown OS. I know we really looked forward to that feature. Continuum is both exciting and scary, seeing what has come of the Ubuntu Touch OS.

No. 2

As I mentioned earlier, we have a big Linux fan in our midst at the office, and I think he will appreciate the following article on building his own router.

The Ars guide to building a Linux router from scratch

No. 3

One of the top stories at the moment; “Bill Gates Calls on the U.S. Government To Invest More in R&D“.

Now, who is standing up for R&D in the UK? I can’t seem to find anyone really, and quite a number of articles point to some mixed feelings about the state of R&D here in the UK:

The last available statistical documentation on the subject by the Office for National Statistics is nearly 2 years old again.

For us as a small company heavily involved in the technology sector, research and development is very important. We get access to grants through the government, which we heard from our business advisor at the Business Gateway.

It’s important I think for small businesses to be aware there is help for them. If you have an idea for something you want to develop find out from your local Business Gateway when you’re in Scotland, or from a Chamber of Commerce, if you can get help.

No. 4

I will finish of with some random links:

Oh, in case after reading the article on the clash between Google and Europe, you feel the need to change your search engine (go to DuckDuckGo):


That’s it for the moment, I’ll be back tomorrow to bring you more from Around the Web!



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