Around the web: Episode #16

It is Friday today!

I would like to thank Microsoft for giving me a big fright today. After I found my PC at work this morning having gone through the update cycle, all of my things were missing. It seemed it was time for an upgrade of some kind. Somehow that cycle wasn’t completely finished and I was logged into a TEMP account with my own domain username and password. I tried my hand at a reboot, and there all my things were returned to me.

Lessons I have learned:

  • Things aren’t always what they seem. If going through the AppData folder and it shows you as a TEMP user, you probably aren’t in your own account.
  • Make sure you back up to devices that aren’t necessarily always connected to your machine. I thought I lost all my email data, but after the restart it had all been put back into place.

On to better things:

No. 1

I probably wouldn’t cast a solid gold Lego Han Solo if I had gold around, but that’s just me.

No. 2

Lost of awesome new space things to report about!

It’s pretty amazing how many awesome discoveries are made these days.

No. 3

What do you think of this headline: “Revealed: How facial recognition can expose your life to strangers“? I understand news is a business, they have to make money, and we’re paying for it with these click-baity titles. The article takes the classic doomsday approach, and everybody will rush to their Facebook to check their privacy settings. In the end though, perhaps it’s these same news channels that will use this technology to bring us adverts like they showed us in Minority Report:

No. 4

Perhaps it should be more at the top, but I am not going to break tradition now. The net is talking about the news that Apple stops fixing the QuickTime application for Windows, leaving the users vulnerable;

No. 5

On Coding.

Some good news:

Some sad news:

That’s it from me for this week. I’ll be sure to post again on Monday. Have a great weekend everybody.


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