Around the web: Episode #15

It’s a busy day! We’re shuffling the office around, it looks so much better already!

No. 1

Go Brad! Go!

Okay, okay, here’s one more! It’s a beautiful sunny day!


No. 2

You’ve heard about those people pretending to be from some big Tech company, then they tell people to install some piece of software and they take over those people’s machine. As soon as they established control they start asking for money. Now someone has released a free tool to counter their software, so you don’t need to pay anybody. Job well done by @leostone.

No. 3

I’ll combine a couple of posts in here, mostly to do with programming:

This was too good not to share; “The top 7 weirdest devices that can run Doom“.

No. 4

Let’s have a look at some awesome Science posts:

That’s it for today, I think there is quite a bit to go through here. Enjoy!



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