Around the web: Episode #14

Let me start by reminding those in Scotland, that you have until the 18th of this month to register to vote in the upcoming elections. Just click here to go and register, it only take a minute or so.

It’s Wednesday! We’re off to see some of our clients today. Of course before I go, I am not going to leave you hanging without supplying you with your daily dose of awesomeness from around the web.

No. 1

Someone was at some meeting, they were shown a video of a bi-pedal robot, supposedly by Google. To me it seems a bit like a step back from the bi-pedal robot we recently saw made by Boston Dynamics. IBT is able to tell us a little more about the robot.

No. 2

Quite a number of stories out about space:

NASA proposes using Fusion to get to Pluto and other destinations.

No. 3

Google is announcing they are keeping us safe by disabling buttons that masquerade their true intentions.

No. 4

The Guardian does a piece on the comment sections of their web site. In case you want to check out the video, please be advised some strong language is used.

No. 5

I’m closing off today with some Science headlines from around the web:


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