Around the web: Episode #13

For a brief moment I considered skipping this one, because of the number 13, but then I remembered I am not superstitious.

No. 1

To me the scariest idea is a perpetual Facebook atmosphere. How soon would our minds go mental from all the useless information input? Having to eternally answer the question; “What’s 2 + 2 * 2? “, to prove you have an IQ of over 150. No thank you!

No. 2


This has got to be the coolest pop-up book ever, in the history of pop-up books!

No. 3


This has always been such a pain, to get a blue screen and having to take a handwritten note of the error, or taking a picture of it. Now Microsoft has added a QR code to the screen so you can instantly find yourself a possible solution.

No. 4

Some random news:

No. 5

Today I am closing off with two videos:


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