Around the web: Episode #9

Happy Wednesday!

Since I have Xamarin up and running, I think it’s time to do some posts on Android Development in C#. This weekend I will begin from scratch, but don’t worry it’s not going to be a “Hello World!” app. I was considering doing a parallel blog on Android Development in Java using Android Studio. I know there are plenty of blogs out there, but I want to combine it a little more with design in mind as well. Explain a little where assets come from, and how to integrate them.

No. 1

It’s almost sad in a way, to see someone being so self destructive.

No. 2

In case you are one a handful of people on this earth that doesn’t use WhatsApp, here’s link to what it is. The messaging application bought by Facebook not too long ago, started putting this little message in-between messages to friends and family.


The BBC is quickly on top of it “Whatsapp adds end-to-end encryption“. Wired makes the connection with Apple and the FBI; “Forget Apple vs. the FBI: WhatsApp Just Switched on Encryption for a Billion People“. In India, it is speculated that WhatsApp will probably be illegal: “WhatsApp is now probably illegal in India“.

I still use Signal, and I am not going to change that any time soon. WhatsApp is installed on my phone, but on the side. With Signal I can also chat on my desktop, which comes in handy.

No. 3

Speaking of privacy 😉

See what I did there? What a lead-in!

A company has developed a web site, that will charge you for finding out if someone you know is using Tinder. It will show you who they are, how old they are, when and where they last swiped. The name of the app could have been made up during an episode of Jeremy Kyle; “swipebuster“.

No. 4

Someone was having a bad day perhaps, but they found it necessary to write a post on why your programming language sucks. For us as a software development company, we have to say we agree, but also mention that having a favourite isn’t always a good thing. Learn more than one programming language, and use the right one for the right job.

No. 5

We don’t have an in-house designer at hand, we do outsource some work, but most of it is done by ourselves. So it’s good for us to have a look at articles about design on occasion, and here is quite a helpful one.

No. 6

This is quite an interesting one. Researchers have found a way to reverse engineer a 3D printed object, while it’s being printed, from the sound the printer makes. Have a read through this.

No. 7

Today I’m closing off with a video:


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