Around the web: Episode #6

Woops! I’m a little late, and not a lot of time for a loooooooong post. This morning we went for a meeting at one of our clients in the gourmet fruit and veg industry. On our way back we had to stop at a brand new Whisky distillery for some maintenance.

Before we left, I did have a quick glance at what was new, and am I excited!!!

No. 1

No video on the first place, sorry (not sorry) about that. Instead I am sharing with you the great news of Xamarin being free for all! YAY!!!!!

What’s so great about it is that we can keep all our source under control of Team Foundation using Visual Studio. This is going to make life a lot easier for us. In the past if we had to integrate an Android application into the solution we had to manage the source separately. Now it can all live happily in one environment.

No. 2

All right, here’s a video for you:

No. 3

It’s a pretty exciting time to be in the Technology Sector. One of the more exciting things that is becoming a reality is the use of self driving cars. We are quickly told that there is a very real threat of cars being hacked into. If we are to believe the author of the article “Yet Another Car Hacking Tool“, they’re quite right. But do we really need to worry about it?

No. 4

I’m ending with a video. Because it’s Friday!

Have a great weekend!


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