Around the web: Episode #5

We have lots to talk about today, so let us get on with it. I’ll obviously start with a video.

No. 1

Microsoft had their Build event on yesterday in the US, and lots of goodies came out of it. One of them is, like I mentioned yesterday, some bits and bobs from Linux coming to Windows. Now for me this is not very interesting, I dual boot my PC into Linux in any case, and I have a VM ready if I can’t switch right away.

Let’s roll to the second point of today’s post, which I am WAY more excited about.

No. 2

As I said the Build event was on yesterday, and it’s on today as well. The more interesting talk was about Artificial Intelligence, and bots. Microsoft has announced their Bot Framework, a framework that offers conversation agents to the masses. This can be tied into their other new service called the Cognitive Services, which are APIs to machine learning algorithms that can make your applications smarter.

The trend seems that we’re going to be building more intelligent applications. Add personal assistant into your software! That could well be the ultimate user friendly application. The examples of the applications just scratch the surface of the possibilities. There is a lot that these services can be used for, in a number of different fields. For us as a software development company, it’s only natural to grow our software along these routes.

On the other end of the spectrum we have IBM building a brain inspired super computer!

No. 3

Let’s talk about ad blockers. I won’t really, but I do use one. I’ll let the talking be done by others, and it’s been a hot topic the last week. “Why are so many people using ad blockers?“, offers us two points of view, the article takes the malware route, and the data usage route. “The Rise of Ad Blockers Reveals The Shocking Truth of Internet Ads“, gripping title, isn’t it? “Was the Great Ad Blocker Freakout of 2015 Justified?“, well I don’t know, and the writer doesn’t offer anything to answer the question, but it’s a great title to get more traffic to your site. “Why ad block tech – and the battle around it – favors the consumer“, is a bit more of a level headed view on the topic. Finally; “Using Adblock Plus to block ads is legal, rules German court—for the fifth time“.

Why do I use it? Because the constant flickering of ads annoy me when I am trying read something. I know you’re trying to catch my eye, and since there is no way of shutting you off when I am done looking at you, I have to take matters into my own hands. For an industry that is all about gripping content and getting our attention, they are not very creative in solving their problem that is ad blockers.

No. 4

Actually more interesting than ad blockers; Did you know that you can develop Android apps without using C++ and/or Java? Of course you did! Let’s both eagerly read about Kotlin’s Android roadmap. Come on!

No. 5

Let me start by saying sorry. This is another post on Microsoft…

Firstly, Visual Studio 2015 Update 2 is out. Get it here, and read about it here.

Secondly, Visual C++ for Linux, seriously. Have a look here.

That’s it for today, hope you have an awesome day!


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