Around the web: Episode #4

The eggs have been found, they were delicious, and so it was time to go back to work! I didn’t post yesterday, I was a little busy, and also didn’t find much interesting news. Today is another day, and I have tons to share with you! Let’s begin:

No. 1

It’s beginning to become a bit of a tradition to start the post with a video. Besides, who doesn’t like Mario?

No. 2

Google is very busy with their Cloud offerings, and now they’re opening up the Speech section of their Cloud as well. As a developer, go sign up for their Speech API.

At home we jokingly call the “OK Google” voice Alice, and with access to the Speech API we can build a more personal Alice. Not that there is not love for Cortana, but it would be nice if I didn’t have to be so rude to her when I call her. “Hey Cortana”, could be more of a “Excuse me Cortana”. Using SIML and the Speech API you can make your own Digital Assistant.

No. 3

Microsoft and, the company behind Ubuntu, Canonical are working on bringing bits of the Linux Operating System to Windows 10. Today they will go into more detail about this at the Microsoft Build event. So I’ll come back to update this a bit later today, or latest tomorrow morning again. Have a read over at ZDNet on what we can possibly expect from this partnership.

No. 4

A technology company wants us to know that they are not building Minority Report, but a piece of software that predicts crime areas. Make sense to me. But, according to this article, all the software does really is just tell the police to go check out possible crime in areas they are already looking. The tech company also has a bit of a dodgy way of making sure it’s being used. The police departments have to recommend the software, hold press conferences about using it, before they get access to it.

It would be so weird to go an talk to a Whisky company, tell them we’re a small Software Development Company in Scotland, we have an awesome product, tell them to go and talk to their friends, write to newspapers about us, if they want to use it.

No. 5

Going to space is expensive. It seems that going with NASA is going to be even more expensive. They’re upgrading their launch software, and taking the term budget with a truckload of salt.

No. 6

We love Python at GX Consultancy! It’s an awesome language, both in the use of scripting larger datasets, and as a teaching tool. Most of the languages we use aren’t split into two version numbers, but Python is. Someone over at Microsoft wrote a positive blog post about the possibility of leaving one of them behind this year.

No. 7 

The last article is about an awesome breakthrough in quantum computing. In order for Quantum computing to step out of the realm of science fiction, it requires an awful lot of simplifications in certain processes. This new technology will make it easier to create useful processing circuits. Without it you would need ridiculous amounts of resources to cope with all the different logic gate chains that would make up the processing circuit for a quantum computer.

For a neat example of logic gates, have look at some built with pulleys:

If that is still not clear, the BBC can explain it in a funny, but cruel, cartoon.

After watching that, and you want to know more about Quantum Computers, have a look at this Khan series on YouTube, done by Michael Nielsen.


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