Around the web: Episode #3

It’s a public holiday, the sun is out, you should not be reading this, so why am I writing this? Being a young company means you put in some sacrifices to get to a certain goal. The goal post obviously moves further ahead as you grow. We love what we do.

Remember that post about this dependency companies were using that broke their software? Well it’s still a hot topic, jokes galore! Like this one, or this one, taking it a step further, and a level up. In the midst of the dependency trend was a message from the people behind Kik, I added that yesterday to the dependency post. The development community fired back at their poor choice of words, right here. It doesn’t get much juicier than this for us software developers.

In case you missed the wonderfully funny episode of Microsoft’s good intentions backfiring, here is a link to the aftermath of the twitter AI bot named Tay.

No. 1

Today’s number one spot goes to Daimler showing off their connected trucks.

It’s a thing of beauty that you just have to watch.

No. 2

This is a bit of a combination of posts, so please bear with me.

The first link is a video to a great talk about what technological forces we can await in the not too distant future.

For us as a Software Development Consultancy in Scotland, creating Enterprise Software, the inclusion of an intelligent agent at some point seems almost like a natural progression. Now that we are able to incorporate technology like RFID, we can get out of the way of certain processes, still track, but also focus more on monitoring. Use the learning part of the software to optimize processes.

It does feel as though a lot of scaremongering, surrounding intelligence and robotics, is taking place at the moment. A headline like; “When Robots Take Our Jobs, Should Everyone Still Get a Paycheck?“, is not a single instance of a larger corporation sending scary headlines into the ether. Loads of sites focus on the jobs that will be lost, the people that will be unemployed, the economies that will get affected.

As a parent I find it hilarious that my child’s teacher is worried about my child’s handwriting skills. Repeating a word in cursive fifty times is going to be utterly useless by the time they go to high school.  It’s time to sit together with schools, government, and businesses. We need to start addressing the disconnect between the developments in technology, the possibilities of smarter societies, and the current system of education.

What we want to avoid is more people, being so dependent on technology without understanding it, creating headlines like; “Worker Blames Google Maps After Tearing Down Wrong House“. It’s funny, but it’s not.

No. 3

Let’s have a look at the near future at No. 3.

This one is old news, but it’s been discovered by the people of Scientific American, and posted 2 days ago. “Automated Grocery Store Replaces Store Clerk with a Phone App“.

Are you sick and tired of doing your laundry? Fear no more, this fabric will clean itself! “No more washing: Nano-enhanced textiles clean themselves with light“.

Together with the Hyperloop, the next gen transportation buzz on-line is supersonic air travel. “Affordable Hypersonic Jets Could Be High-Flying Reality by 2023“.

While some want to go fast, others want to turn the dial down a bit. “Airships could be returning for commercial travel“.

Now here’s a good question; “Could Harvesting Fog Help Solve the World’s Water Crisis?“. If you feel that the article reads like a novel, just have a look at the caption below the first image.

That’s it for today. If you have any questions regarding anything technology related, or want to know about Software Development at GX Consultancy, let us know.


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