Around the web: Episode #2

It’s another day, and lots of things have happened around the world wide web. Let’s dig in.

No. 0

I actually procured this one last, but any good list starts at 0.

No. 1

The talk of the town, for the number one spot is ‘left-pad’. Some large companies were depending on a resource that basically pads a string to the left, this got removed and their internet broke. People are getting quite dramatic about it with headlines like “NPM & left-pad: Have We Forgotten How To Program?“, or “A discussion about the breaking of the Internet“.

No. 2

As a Software Development Company in Scotland looking to hire people, I try to do some research on hiring practices from other companies. I really do not believe in stressing a candidate out so much they break apart during the interview. This post definitely got a giggle out of me though; “Here are Google, Amazon and Facebook’s Secrets to Hiring the Best People“.  #6 Could be a fun one to do, the idea of a fox hunt around our offices does sound rather appealing.

No. 3

Do you have the brains for cybersecurity?“, the BBC asks us. The article gives us some challenges, so we get the feeling that if we can solves the challenges in cryptography and cyphers, you have what it takes. Of course we all know cybersecurity isn’t all about deciphering cryptic messages. Some times, a lot of the times, what is standing in your way to your goal is a human.

No. 4

DARPA is taking the shift of the singularity back to the human. “DARPA WANTS TO HACK YOUR BRAIN“, this article is titled. They want to speed up the process of our learning abilities.


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